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Helping your legion

Each member can help the legion by;

  1. Donating money to the legion funds.
  2. Donating material to the legion.
  3. Showing up for guild and legion quests.
  4. Help recruit new members into the legion.
  5. Helping other members with tasks and quests.
  6. Share any tips or ideas to improve the legion in the forum or to a leader.    
This is the website of The Unbreakable Legion of King Of Kings 3

Guilds In Legion

Guild Leader - Bartjeklont (
Legion Founder)
Co-Leader- blackbullet

About Our Legion
Guild Quest- GQ is normally 20:30 server. If  GQ is not done on regular time 22:00-22:30 is the alternative.   

Legion Quest
- LQ is 20:00-22:00 Server time. We will not activate LQ unless there are 6 or more online player, as this saves some legion money. 

Because of loose time, LQ and GQ may vary each day. LQ and GQ will start from 20:00 till 22:30 varying on loose time.

- To hire them you have to be a Co-Leader of the legion however they cost 50s each to recruit from the barracks. There is also a daily fee of 30s per guard which must be paid. Any guards that die cost 1.1g to resurrect, per guard which must be paid. 

The legion has a daily guard rotation which you can apply for in the forum. Bartjeklont, Blackwolf and Blackbullet are exempt from the daily rotation unless stated other wise. 
For more Information please proceed to the

Legion Ranks
Legion Commander - Bartjeklont

Blackwolf and Blackbullet

website management- Bartjeklont and Ivabiggen

Guild News

under newmanagement

Ivabiggen, Mar 31, 11 7:14 AM.
As some people are aware Casadin has briefly left KOK. Me (ivabiggen) and the legion leader (bartjeklont) are taking website management in the mean time. so any ideas for the website or the legion post in the forum, thanks.

Our Website is finshed

casadin, Feb 16, 11 5:17 PM.
I, Casadin have created the website whitch im pretty pround of however i know there is things taht i can improve if you have any ideas post them on our forums and tell me what you think of this website as well 
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To join our legion plese PM Bartjeklont, Blackbullet or Blackwolf also plese make sure you have read the rules of our legion in the libray section. Plese DO NOT apply for our legion on this website thank you.
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